If you have been planning a vacation in Chennai for a while now, you must have gone surfed through hundreds of staying options to find the perfect accommodation. However, in a city like Chennai, finding a place which fits your budget and has all the facilities is not an easy task. Chennai is probably among the most crowded cities in India, which can make it quite strenuous to find the perfect accommodation.

Moreover, if you are planning to stay for more than a week, hotels may not be the most suitable option. This is when serviced apartments come into the picture. Serviced apartments are a comfortable staying option, especially when you are planning a vacation with the entire family.

Unlike hotels, serviced apartments have a plethora of facilities and are within the budget as well. It means that you can stay in comfort without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Here we are going to share a list of reasons why serviced apartments are better than hotels and can help you enjoy your vacation in comfort.

Reasons, Why Serviced Apartments are a Comfortable Staying Option in Chennai

Plenty of Space

The biggest reason why serviced apartments have a better edge over hotels is enough space. Unlike hotels, you don’t have to stack the entire family in one small. A serviced apartment is just like your regular apartment with all the features and plenty of space. In most of the cases, the serviced apartments Chennai will have dedicated rooms, living area, kitchen, and even a garden. You can stay in comfort and enjoy your vacation.


Like we mentioned earlier, a serviced apartment has all the basic facilities, and a kitchen is one of them. Of course, when you visiting a new city, you would want to enjoy the local cuisines. However, there can arise situations when you’d want to enjoy homemade food. This is where serviced apartments have a benefit over hotels. Like your own house, you can find all the basic facilities in the kitchen.

Perfect for Long Vacation

Let’s face it, hotels aren’t a suitable option for long vacations. I mean after the long tiring city tour, you can’t rest in the hotel like you would do in a serviced apartment. This is yet another reason why you should choose serviced apartments over hotels. Moreover, a serviced apartment has separate rooms, which means that the entire family can stay in their own rooms.

Room Service

No matter how much facilities you have, at the end of the day, you are on a vacation. It means that you would not want to perform all the tasks. Fortunately, serviced apartments have room service as well. So, you can get anything you want anytime. There’s nothing better than living in a fully-furnished apartment with rooms service to provide you everything you need.

Additional Facilities

In most of the cases, the serviced apartments are equipped with a dedicated entertainment center. It includes everything starting from a television to a DVD player. So, when you don’t want to go out in the heat of Chennai, you can simply sit back and relax watching Netflix with the family. This is one of the additional perks of serviced apartments which make them the perfect staying option for family vacations.


Last but not least, serviced apartments are more cost-effective than hotels, especially if you are planning a long vacation. If you scrutinize precisely, you can find the most suitable serviced apartment which best fits your budget and still has all the facilities. However, make sure to book a place which a near to all the tourist attractions so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling.


The benefits of booking a serviced apartment are endless. You get all the facilities and still don’t have to spend thousands of rupees. You can also stay in comfort and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. So, if you have been planning to go on a vacation in Chennai, make sure to book a serviced apartment.