Serviced apartments have created quite a buzz among travelers. Frequent travelers like businessmen have started to book serviced apartments over hotels, due to the wide range of benefits they offer. Service apartments Chennai have several perks over traditional hotels and are budget-friendly at the same time. It means that business travelers can stay in comfort, enjoy all the facilities, and still don’t burn a hole in their pocket.

Serviced apartments are like a regular apartment with several features including kitchen, dedicated entertainment unit, separate bedrooms, garden, etc. This extensive range of facilities makes serviced apartment the preferred choice of frequent business travelers.

If you also travel frequently, serviced apartments might be the perfect accommodations solution for you. Here we are going to share a complete list of benefits of staying in serviced apartments during a business trip and why the majority of businessmen are choosing them over hotels. So, without any further ado, let’s start the list.

More Convenient

Serviced apartments are way more convenient than hotels and guesthouses. Since they are regular apartments, there is ample amount of space in serviced apartments, allowing you to stay in comfort.

In general, the apartment has a dedicated living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and all the other facilities you get in a regular apartment. A serviced apartment has three-four times more space than a hotel, which is probably the biggest reason why business travelers choose serviced apartments over hotels.

Dedicated Kitchen

It is often a case that on a business trip, the person has to stay for more than a week. In such a scenario, having dinner in the restaurants may not be a suitable option as it can cost you a fortune. This is when the dedicated kitchen of a serviced apartment will prove to be beneficial.

The kitchen in these apartments is fully equipped and one can find all the desired facilities to cook homemade food. Hotels don’t have this kind of facility and even if you find a hotel with a kitchen, it’s going to have basic equipment only. This is another advantage of staying in serviced apartments.


When you stay in a serviced apartment, you have the entire place to yourself. You don’t need to book restaurants and laundries separately. Privacy is yet another reason why businessmen prefer serviced apartments over hotels. Moreover, since there is privacy, you can easily perform work-related tasks without any interruption.


When compared to hotels, serviced apartments are way more affordable, considering the services you get. If you try to book a hotel room with all these services, you are probably going to spend a fortune on a month-long booking.

Fortunately, serviced apartments have comparatively lower rates than hotels. You can enjoy your stay without having to worry about your bank balance being reduced every day. Even though as surprising as it may sound, booking a serviced apartment is way cheaper than a hotel and that’s why business travelers prefer them.

24/7 Room Service

Since you are in a different city, you would probably want someone to take care of your needs. This is why the majority of serviced apartments have dedicated caretakers and room service. You can call them anytime you want and ask to help you around.

Some serviced apartments even have chefs who’ll prepare exotic dishes for you. It means that while staying in a serviced apartment, you’ll get all the perks of a hotel along with some additional benefits.

Long Stays

If you are planning a long business trip along with your co-workers, serviced apartments make the complete sense. There is ample amount of space for everyone to stay together without spending too much on the accommodation. Since there’s a lot of space, it can easily be utilized for several tasks such as meetings with co-workers and brainstorming sessions.


Booking a serviced apartment on a business trip has many benefits. You get a complete hotel like services along with the comfort of an apartment. So, if your business trip is around the corner, look for serviced apartments in the city and enjoy your business trip in comfort.