Chennai, without any doubt, is one of the perfect destinations to enjoy a memorable vacation with the family. Exotic beaches, traditional cuisines, and ancient temples are the perfect combination to have a perfect vacation. However, while planning a vacation in Chennai, the most challenging task is to find reliable and budget-friendly hotels.

Either you are looking at hotels which are extremely expensive or doesn’t have the desired view. This is when serviced apartments come into the picture. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are cost-effective and offer more comfort at the same time.

You don’t have to jampack your entire family into one room as you have the whole apartment to yourself. Moreover, serviced apartments are available in different sizes, catering to the different requirements of different customers. So, if you are planning a family vacation in Chennai, we recommend choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel.

Here are 10 reasons why serviced apartments are the perfect staying option for your vacation in Chennai.

Large Space

A serviced apartment is similar to a regular apartment in the city. It means that you have comparatively more space than a hotel. Most of the serviced apartments have 2-3 bedrooms, living area, and even a separate kitchen. You can consider the serviced apartment as a home away from home.

Cook Your Own Food

Of course, you’d want to try the local cuisines while visiting a different city. However, it’s not necessary that you are always going to like these dishes and there may come situations when you would want to cook your own food. Fortunately, a serviced apartment has an in-house kitchen where you can prepare anything you want. This is probably the biggest reason why one should pick serviced apartment over a hotel.  

Homely Environment

Nothing damages a family vacation more than the uncomfortable hotel environment. No matter, how fancy the hotel is, it can never be compared to the comfort of a house. Fortunately, that’s not the case with serviced apartments. These apartments provide a complete homely environment and you can comfortably enjoy your vacation.

24*7 Room Service

Though as surprising as it may sound, serviced apartments have 24*7 room service. It means that you can call the room service to get anything you want, even in the middle of the night. Many serviced apartments even have a dedicated chef to cook exotic dishes for you. This makes the entire vacation more enjoyable.

Near to Tourist Attractions

In most of the cases, serviced apartments are located near to the main tourist attractions. So, no matter which tourist spot you are visiting, you are always at a walking distance from the apartment.
This is a big relief, especially when you are tired after an entire day of sightseeing and exploring. In case, you are planning to visit a farther tourist attraction, the staff at the serviced apartment will also arrange the cab services for you so that you won’t have to roam around in a different city.

Affordable Price

Serviced apartments can be booked without burning a hole in your pocket. They are highly affordable and are usually charged per apartment per night. It means that you have to pay a fixed price for the time you want to live in the apartment. Unlike some hotels, which charge per person per night, serviced apartments are an affordable and much reliable option.

Dedicated Space to Relax

As we mentioned earlier, serviced apartments have a comparatively larger space than a hotel. Some of the serviced apartments in Chennai even include living area, garden, and a dedicated swimming pool. So, after a tiring day, you can easily sit back on the couch and spend some quality time with the family.

Entertainment Facilities

Serviced apartments are equipped with entertainment facilities, giving you the option to have a perfect movie night with the family. The apartment has a TV, DVD Players, and considering the current trends, free Wifi as well. All these facilities will be highly beneficial when you do not want to get outside and face the heat of Chennai.

In-House Parking Space

If you book an affordable hotel, it is likely to have common parking or you’d have to park your vehicle in a different building. However, that’s not the case with serviced apartments. When you book a serviced apartment, you get access to the private parking, which is a big relief if you are on a road trip with the family.


On top of all the things, serviced apartments give you privacy, something which is missing in the case of a hotel. In a serviced apartment, you have no one to interrupt your family time and you can make the best memories with your loved ones.


If you are planning a vacation in the beautiful city of Chennai, make sure to book a serviced apartment to have the best holiday ever.  Service apartment Chennai is a much reliable and comfortable staying option than a hotel. Not only you’ll be able to enjoy your trip, but booking a serviced apartment is economical as well.